Business Continuity Management System Policy Statement

In line with its Mission and Vision, Arabian Power Company (APC) is ITM are strongly committed to have adequate measures in place to minimize the impact of any external or internal disruptive event on its business by:

  • Complying with DoE regulations and NCEMA 7000:2021 standards
  • Implementing a Business Continuity Management System
  • Exercising plans to resume critical activities
  • Minimizing the risk of unavailability of the critical services, site, and resources

Therefore, in close coordination with APC, ITM ensures that BCMS objectives are established with the commitment from Top Management to the following matters:

  • Appropriate resources to support Business Continuity Management Program are in place whereby BCM is embedded into the work culture and considered integral part of decision making;
  • APC’s risk appetite is defined and risks are measured against pre-defined tolerance levels.
  • Suitable risk mitigations are identified, implemented and regularly reviewed through Business Impact and Risk Assessments, allowing for heightened attention to urgent and critical activities across the business in addition to developing suitable plans to ensure timely response.
  • Regular testing, knowledge development and awareness programs are undertaken to ensure staff and interested parties are familiar with the Business Continuity Program;
  • The Policy is communicated internally and externally to all interested parties for awareness and implementation where necessary;
  • The Business Continuity Management System improves continually by setting and monitoring annual targets and by implementing corrective action plans when we deviate from the targets
  • Interested parties and key suppliers are considered in scope (where necessary) to ensure continuity of our critical and essential services