Business Continuity Management System Policy Statement

“Arabian Power Company, is committed to develop and implement, exercise, maintain and continually improve an end to end Business Continuity Management System in line with the requirements of DoE regulations and NCEMA 7000:2015 standards and shall ensure continuity measures are in place for the business operations, and to minimize the risk of unavailability of the critical services, site, and resources”.

In order to deliver this commitment, it is agreed that ITM O&M Co as the operator of Arabian Power Company takes full responsibility for implementing all the requirements that support business continuity including management and compliance with prevailing laws, regulations and guidance.

Arabian Power Company’s BCMS Objectives include:

  • To ensure safety of APC staff within APC premises by having in place mechanisms for conducting emergency drills, trainings and awareness as per the planned schedule every year;
  • To ensure development, update and implementation of the Business Continuity plans on an annual basis for all the identified critical business processes within APC;
  • To ensure legal, regulatory and contractual requirements impacting business continuity are identified and monitored for compliance on an annual basis;
  • To ensure organization wide awareness of BCM by conducting BCM trainings and BCM exercises involving with the key BCM stakeholders as per the schedule at least on an annual basis;
  • To ensure the testing of the Business Continuity Plans on at least annual basis and achieve a successful test outcome from the Exercises and Tests; and
  • To ensure an audit and continual improvement framework in place to assess the effectiveness of the BCM program on an annual basis.

In pursuit to these commitments, Arabian Power Company shall ensure that its employees and contractors are well aware of BCMS and those staff responsible to manage and maintain business continuity management system are adequately trained.

Arabian Power Company’s risk appetite with regards to business continuity shall be decided based on the pragmatic and detail risk assessment and requirement of the regulations. There is no exception to this policy and Arabian Power Company shall communicate this policy within the organization and to all its stakeholders and interested parties. Any non-compliance to the APC’s BCMS policy shall result in invocation of relevant procedures.

This policy shall be reviewed at least annually by the EMD and ITM O&M PGM or in case of any changes in organizational structure, changes in applicable regulatory requirements or any change in business activities.